Ericsbane05 LIVES!

What is ericsbane? Well, that’s what I name some of my computers. I also have ericslaptop01 and ericsshop01 and 02.

What a strange name this ericsbane thing. Where’d that come from? you might be wondering. The definition of bane is a person or thing that ruins or destroys or the name of a deadly poison. HA! Both are accurate sometimes when it comes to my computering hobby. Computers can be my bane, but I love ’em, anyway.

As some of you may know from reading here and here, I have been having some hardware issues with my main system. And as a sidebar to this, I’ve also been trying to put together a system for my shop. Well, it’s finally all come together. What a nightmare it’s been. Of course, if I had money to burn, this wouldn’t have been an issue at all. Unfortunately, money is very tight right now. We won’t even go into that.

So, what happened this weekend? I woke up Saturday morning jonesing to play one of my vid games on my system. S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Far Cry, Deus Ex, anything. I just wanted to frag stuff. Know what I mean? I haven’t been able to play any games on my main system due to issues with a bad PCIe socket, which has forced me to use crappy onboard graphics. Hmm… can’t play many games these days with a 2900fps framerate.

I made the mistake of going to the local CompUSA (Tiger Direct) store after seeing a really decent mobo/micro bundle advertised online. Hmm… I had spent a few bucks recently on a replacement mobo from them, but it didn’t work out, so I was given a refund. I figured that money was already spent. I had it set aside for a rainy day. Well, that day was Saturday. I went to the CompUSA and got myself a mobo/micro combo.

I came home and, after much travail and gnashing of teeth, I managed to cobble together ericsbane05. Here are the specs:

Cooler Master Chassis Mid Tower Elite 334 Nvidia Edition ATX Casing
Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus – 650watt power supply
785GTM-E45 socket AM2+ motherboard
AMD Phenom 9750 Quad-Core Processor
AMD chipset
4Gig Centon DDR2 800 PC-6400 RAM DDR 800 (slots 1 & 2)
EVGA Nvdia GeForce 450 GTS
IDE 0 Master: Master: DVD Writer 840
IDE 0 Slave: ZIP 100
SATA 0: Western Digital 250Gig
SATA 1: Western Digital 250Gig
SATA 2: Western Digital 250Gig
Standard 3.5″ floppy
Seven (7) cooling fans
HP Deskjet 842C printer
HP Scanjet 3400 flatbed scanner
HP W1907 LCD monitor
Altec Lansing (front) + Harman Kardon (rear) speakers
Dell USB keyboard
Logitech Trackball mouse

So, there ya’ have it. Here’s what the framerate on this baby looks like now:


So much gooder! I can play games again! I can shoot and frag away my frustrations. It’s better than religion, I’m telling you. Woo-hoo!

Oh, and as a by-product of this adventure, I also was able to salvage ericsbane04. I slapped the guts of that system into another box and changed its name to ericsshop02. It’s loaded with Slackware current and is sitting on the bench outside in my shop. I put ericsshop01 on the shelf as a backup system. We are just on a roll here, huh?

I have 99.9% of the kinks worked out of the new ericsbane05. There are always issues when you install pre-existing operating systems onto new hardware. There are issues with drivers, disk nomenclature, sensor daemons, GRUB, etc. I’ve got them all squared away but one, I think. I’m having a minor issue with Arch’s GRUB, the bootloader for my entire system (numerous operating systems installed). It has incorrectly mapped the hard drives. I’m working on it, though.

That, friends, is how I spent the last three days of my life. Bane, indeed. See what I mean?

We’ll have some new lessons coming along shortly. Stay tuned…

Until next time…

~Eric, the happy 19000fps framerate, fraggin’ Slacker!

9 Comments on “Ericsbane05 LIVES!”

  1. comhack says:

    Sounds like a nice machine. Hope you get your grub issues fixed!!

    • It’ll do me for a while, anyway. As soon as I hit that lottery, I’ll be building another one. 😉

      That GRUB issue is no biggie. It’s been that way. It still works. You just have to know how to trick it. 🙂

  2. Looks like a great setup, Eric! Hope all goes well with it! 😀

  3. Fuddster says:


    I think I’m most impressed with the Zip drive 🙂 I had an external SCSI Zip drive hooked up to my Amiga 4000 back in the day.

    • Mine is actually an internal Zip… and there’s a story regarding that, too.

      On Saturday, when I first assembled everything, I was working out bugs. There were a few; some caused by my stupidity, others not. One was the fact that the POST would not complete, nor could I access the BIOS. This drove me nuts. I was getting a 2short/1long POST beep code (memory error). I changed out the RAM sticks numerous times. I KNOW they were all good sticks; and the proper type for the board. I finally started disconnecting hardware to see if that was an issue. Well, turns out my ZIP was loading the EIDE channel. Interesting. I swapped it out with another spare ZIP that I had. All went smoothly after that.

      I took the bad ZIP apart and found that something on its controller board had gone up in smoke. Hmmm? I don’t know when or why. It’s just one of those mysteries of hardware. I salvaged some parts off of it and tossed the rest into the can. I’m not in the market (on eBay) for another. They’re VERY cheap these days, as you can imagine. I can probably grab a new one for about $15.

      I love my ZIP! 🙂

  4. ichase says:

    Congrats on the birth of ericsbane05. Looking at the specs, looks like 05 is going to be a keeper. Best of luck in this one being less of a bane in the arse. 😉

    • Heh! They’re all a “bane in the arse” somewhat, Ian, but most geeks have a pretty wide masochist streak, I think. Look at Gentoo users… if they’re not self-flagellaters, I don’t know who is. 😉

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