Who Uses Linux (Revisited)

Who Uses Linux?

Posted by V. T. Eric Layton on Apr 1, 2010

A lot of folks you never suspected. That’s who.

Yesterday, one of the members at Scot’s Newsletter Forums – Bruno’s All Things Linux, BillD, posted a link to a great list of Linux users. While Linux supposedly only has 1% of the overall market share, some of the folks on that list are movers and shakers in the technology industry. The future should be quite interesting.

Google, Cisco, New York Stock Exchange… even Omaha Steaks! Ummm! That is some yummy dead cow! I can’t chew dead cow currently for this reason, but I can always dream. Besides, their steaks are so tender you can cut them with a spoon. Seriously though, there are some impressive folks on that list.

We’re going to wake up one morning and Linux won’t be just the geek’s favorite operating system. It will be a viable alternate to MS Windows, just as Mac OS and OS X have become over the years. Will that affect how Linux is treated by the pimply-faced crackers and spammers out there currently attacking MS Windows because of its larger user base? I believe that it might. Fortunately, Linux’s innate security will protect it from a lot of the tricks that bedeviled MS Windows.

So, who uses Linux? I do. My brother does. My buddy Mike does. A bunch of folks at the forums I visit do. Many companies and governments around the world do. Why do they use Linux. You’ll just have to ask one of them one day.

Until next time, folks…



This article was originally posted on my Nocturnal Slacker | Lockergnome blog. You can see the original and accompanying comments by clicking HERE.

5 Comments on “Who Uses Linux (Revisited)”

  1. I do(slackware-current) in my office desktop.

    My ‘not so geeky’ wife does. She uses Ubuntu and would fight with anyone(actually she has) who says something wrong or mocking about Linux.

    • Hi, Sam. Welcome to my blog. 🙂

      Tell you’re wife not to worry… Any Linux is better than no Linux at all. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and reading/commenting. I’m currently republishing older articles from my days at Chris Pirillo’s Lockergnome site, but I’ll end the “summer reruns” sometime in the coming weeks. Stay tuned…


  2. I do it too, Mostly Arch Linux.

  3. Matt Gilbert says:

    Yeah, less than 1% is hard to believe. I dabbled with linux starting in the mid 90’s and became 100% M$ free in 2006 after one too many windows virus and malware incident, and a tcp/ip fubar — since then slackware has been my main OS of choice, I’ve never looked back.

    • Hi Matt!

      Well, I’m about 99.9% GNU/Linux. I do still keep up with MS Windows in order to be able to assist my family/friends. I’m everyone’s free tech support, you know. Plus, I use a network-disabled XP Pro installation for gaming on my main system. Other than that, you can find me booted up on my Slackware OS most days.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading/commenting! 🙂


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