Jack Wallen Likes Gnome 3 (Revisited)

Jack Wallen Likes Gnome 3

Posted by on Apr 5, 2010

I’m not so sure I do.

I ain’t no young whipper-snapper geek here, kids. Us older folks don’t like change. Wallen thinks we need to be getting away from the Win 95 taskbar/icons/Start button paradigm. I don’t. Old farts like me have a saying… “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Wallen contends that the model is broken, though.

Oh of course there will be those that say, “If it isn’t broke…” Well, I am one of those who will first claim that it is, in fact, “broke.” The current desktop that most everyone uses is klunky, kludgy, and ugly. It’s a task bar, and menus, and icons, and blah blah blah…

For the entire article at Tech Republic –> clicky.

Klunky? Kludgy? C’mon… how can anyone say that about my beautiful Slack/Xfce desktop?

Aieee! KDE 3.5 wasn’t broke either. Now KDE 4 is borked <– play on spelling. Cute, huh?Photobucket

Hey! There’s no Gnome Menu on the panel. There aren’t any app icons on the panel. I can’t find my Nautilus. ARRRRRGH! It  looks like a friggin’ iPad. Oh my! I guess this old geek is just going to have to get used to all this new-fangled progress stuff.

Ah… whatever happened to the good old days of Slackware 9.0 with Lynx in the CLI?

I’m outta’ here…



This article was originally published on my Nocturnal Slacker | Lockergnome blog. You can click HERE to see it there and read the accompanying comments.


3 Comments on “Jack Wallen Likes Gnome 3 (Revisited)”

  1. Kabamaru Iga-no says:

    What file manager do you use? I’m also an xfce slacker, but I never quite liked thunar; No tabs (but that’s ok I guess), the filenames text are aligned right and look ugly, long filenames aren’t wrapped and look awful, and thunar cannot tell the difference between a file and a folder that share the same name and are in the same directory (if you try to touch/cp/mv file “abc” alongside folder named “abc”, both under directory “X”, thunar asks you if you want to overwrite the “old” one with the “new” one).

  2. Kabamaru Iga-no says:

    oops… I meant aligned “left” 🙂

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