ALERT:, Linux Foundation Sites Breached

Believed to be connected to attack

By Brian ProffittAdd a new comment
September 11, 2011, 10:31 AM

The Linux Foundation is reporting this morning that their web sites, including, are down for a complete reinstall following a discovered security breach.

The breach was discovered on September 8, and affects,, and all attendant subdomains of those web properties, according to an e-mail sent out early Sunday morning (East Coast time)., though not explicitly described in the e-mail, was also down for maintenance as of 1010 EDT.

Read the rest of this alert at ITWorld.

When they come back online, be sure to change your passwords… just to be safe.



3 Comments on “ALERT:, Linux Foundation Sites Breached”

  1. lilbambi says:

    After all the hacks with the Certificate Authority DigiNotar and now GlobalSign, and God knows who else, I have done some massive password changes all around! 😉

    Certainly will do so with and Linux Foundation as well. This is good thing to do under these types of circumstances.

    • Secure data is as attractive to some as shit is to flies. It’s a law of nature, I think. And corollary to that law is the fact that as security advances, cracking capabilities are sure to follow.

      Myeh… whaddya’ gonna’ do?

      I use very complicated passwords usually. I keep them ONLY on hard copy (paper) stored in a safe place known only to me. My passwords are not stored on my computers or on any other media. So what? When the servers where I use those passwords are cracked, what good are my own security practices. May as well use “username: joe” and “password: 123456” everywhere, huh? 😦

      And I’m gonna’ trust the Cloud to store all my data. Yeah… right.

  2. chekkizhar says:

    I do change my passwords every month , which will be a quite long and confusing thing like my name.
    And after all, I never store any important [ family, money related] thing in net.
    If they got my account, they can learn Linux by using the links I stored and they can get some links to download some movies. 🙂

    The hard part will come, if they used my account to register and activate any anti-national thing . Thats why I always check my last login date and time in all accounts, once signed in.

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