Linux Counter Project


I received a nice email from Alexander Mieland, the new manager of the Linux Counter Project. He’s making some changes, folks…

Since I love statistics and because was
not developed at all since over four years, I’ve started to develop a
completly new and reworked project with the same but modernized design
and the same target.

Last week, Harald Alvestrand and I have decided that this new project
will be the New Linux Counter Project and replace the good old counter
of The url of the new project is:

I’ve worked hard to develop the first version of this new project and
some days ago I’ve imported all active users from the old, original
database of

I now want to ask you to come to the new project, to login with your
old, known access data and then to update your personal data and your
Linux machines.

Head  on over there and check out the new digs. Don’t forget to change your links/bookmarks, etc.





4 Comments on “Linux Counter Project”

  1. Josh Sabboth says:

    Very nice!!! I received that email last week and updated mine as well.

  2. Got mine updated!

    I have only added one of my machines though so far. Have a laptop and netbook to add to the list eventually. 😀

  3. chekkizhar says:

    ya , did it. But, my machine count not get increased. [ from 0 to 1 ] 😉

    BTW, I am , 544483

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