Carla Schroder On the Cloud

This woman tells it like it is. Bravo, Carla!

Carla says:

The problem with all this cloud nonsense is it’s exactly that–nonsense. Hosted services are nothing new. What would be new and radical and transformative are attractive products reasonably-priced, and good customer service.

Hear! Hear! As most of my loyal readers know, I’m not fan of the cloud. It’s a large cistern of feces (for you less ejoomacated folks – a crock of shit). It’s just another way for some mega corp to bleed you of your hard earned $ by teasing you with wonderful cloud services. Yeah… right.

Carla speaks about cloud security:

Not only that, but is there anyone who can claim bragging rights to good security, and protecting customer’s data from intrusions? Anyone?

HAHA! Yeah… sure. It’s secure. Just trust us with all yer data. We’ll take care of it fer ya’. Yup! Remember Yuri?

Read the rest of Carla Schroder’s rant. It’s a good one.

Cloud this!




2 Comments on “Carla Schroder On the Cloud”

  1. Excellent Carla and thanks for calling attention to it Eric!

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