Slackware for the Laptop

I run Slackware 13.37 w/ Xfce on my laptop. It works in its typical Slackware way… perfectly.

I was perusing my favorite blogs this morning and ran across a gem by Barnaby at Linux, BSD, and Everything Else. He’s running Slackware on his lappy also.

I’ve got Slackware 13.37 on a partition on my Acer Aspire 5551, with ATI/AMD HD 4250 graphics, an AMD Phenom X3 2100MHz, plenty of ram and Broadcom wired and wireless chips for network connectivity.

His machine’s a bit newer than my Dell Inspiron 1521, but that doesn’t matter. Slackware works well on older systems, too.

The only major issue facing Linux users these days, except perhaps printing, is wireless networking and sometimes even getting wired connections to work.

Hmm… well, I’ve never had any issues to speak of regarding printing in Linux. My HP printer is well supported. Drivers have never been a problem. CUPS is a wonderful thing, also. As far as wireless networking goes, I did have some minor issues getting my lappy set up and running. However, wicd is wicked good! 😉

In the end it depends on which philosophy you want to subscribe to. Choose your BDFL- Mark, Clem, Texstar or Patrick. Mint or Slack.
Of course you can struggle with Debian or build your own with Crux or even LFS, but the emphasis here is on easy and simple.

A very well written and interesting article. I recommend you read it in full at Barnaby’s site.

On another note… I must apologize for my recent scarcity. I just haven’t been feeling too techie lately. I’ve been catching up on my fiction reading and vid gaming; even catching something on the telly now and then.

I shall return…



4 Comments on “Slackware for the Laptop”

  1. Barnaby says:

    He, thanks for the promotion;) I like Debian too, but since a couple of years I find Slackware a better fit. But who knows, may use Debian again one day, or be it in derivative form.

    On an unrelated note, you changed your theme again. Nice cool blue. Like it. Thanks for the thumbs up Eric. Enjoy your reading.

    • Yeah… I miss ol’ Debian. I had issues installing 6.0 on two different systems (my main and my shop systems), so I just gave up. Now that their at 6.0.3, I’m considering trying again. Debian isn’t the most innovative or bleeding edge (HA!) distro, but it’s like a comfortable old slipper. It fits well, and it’s reliable.

      Uh, yeah… I like variety. I change themes every so often. 🙂

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