Vector Linux x86_64 Coming Soon!

I used to always have a Vector installation on my systems somewhere.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case for quite some time because I’ve been patiently waiting for the x86_64 release of this excellent Slackware-based distribution. The wait may be over soon, though. I just read THIS article over at All About Linux blogsite. I’m very happy to read that Vector is finally coming out with a 64 bit version. YAY!

Vector is a great distribution. Back in the early days of my Linux Adventures, I was very impressed with it. Unfortunately, when I upgraded to 64 bit computing, Vector did not follow suit; neither did Zenwalk, another Slack-based favorite of mine. Oh well, that’s the way it goes sometimes. However, with this news, I’m happily anticipating having a Vector install on one of my systems again soon.

I’ll also start recommending (and installing) it for my unhappy MS Windows-user family and friends. Most folks are using newer 64 bit hardware these days. It’s difficult to talk them into downgrading to a 32 bit OS, leaving some of their newer hardware’s potential by the wayside. I’ve been recommending Linux Mint or Ubuntu for these folks, as they have 64 bit versions, but I’d really rather get them going with Vector.

Well, anyway… that’s the news. Once this new 64 bit version of Vector gets released, I’ll be downloading and installing. Expect a review here in the near future.

Stay tuned…


Additional info: from the VectorLinux Forums –> VectorLinux 7.0 Gold Has Been Released


5 Comments on “Vector Linux x86_64 Coming Soon!”

  1. comhack says:

    Great news!! 🙂

  2. ichase says:

    Eric – Why do you not still run the 32 bit Vector Linux on your 64 bit machine? Also, as I have never tried Vector (which I may have to try) is it pretty user friendly for those folks making the transition from Windows?

    • Because I don’t run ANYTHING 32 bit. I don’t even use 32 libs on my 64 bit systems. I’m anal, I guess. 😉

      Yes, Vector is definitely user-friendly. It’s the Slacker’s Ubuntu. 😉

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