Open letter to the Linux World by Christopher Barry

This posting sent to the Linux Kernel mailing list by Christopher Barry is a MUST READ for anyone concerned about the future of Linux or their own favorite distribution and supporting software. 

From his summary paragraph:


systemd is a trojan. systemd is a medusa. systemd is Substance D.
systemd is scary - not just because it's tools suck, or because it's
a massive fucking hairball - but because architecturally it has way
too much concentrated power. We all need to collectively expel it from
our midst because it will own Linux, and by extension us and our
freedoms. systemd will *be* Linux. Sit idly by and ignore this fact at
all of our collective peril.

OneLinux == zero-choice*


*Above emphasis mine. ~Eric

You’ve got to read this; not only for its message, but for its author’s eloquent style of rant. Outstanding. I couldn’t have said it better if I’d tried.

Date Tue, 12 Aug 2014 15:38:12 -0400
From Christopher Barry <>
Subject OT: Open letter to the Linux World

While you’re at it, read Slackware dev Eric Hameleers’ take on this. Don’t forget to read the comments. 🙂

Alien Pastures – On LKML: an open letter to the Linux World



14 Comments on “Open letter to the Linux World by Christopher Barry”

  1. This has to be satire as it makes no sense and is completely insane.

  2. lilbambi says:

    I actually understood what he said very well. The concerns Christopher Barry speaks about are concerns many have.

    It should not be cast aside.

    The Linux Kernel developers should be taking it seriously. And taking a real long hard look at it. Even Linus doesn’t care for the attitude of this guy if you remember and had him suspended. Systemd’s developer is trying to pull everything under his own Systemd umbrella and it’s a scary proposition.

    As a Debian user, I actually am very upset out this.

  3. lilbambi says:

    I may have to consider switching to Slackware or Gentoo soon….

    They are both worthy distros, but I love Debian and this would make me very sad.

    • You could always just stick to an older version of Debian, Fran. It would be supported for quite some time. You could still get updates from current repos, as init/systemd shouldn’t make any difference with regards to most of the apps you use in Debian on a daily basis. You could even run a current Debian and compile your own kernel to use init rather than systemd. At least, I think you could do this. GNU/Linux is very versatile and capable of manipulation/customization down rather deeply under the hood.

      Or, you could just come to the dark side… Slackware. 😉

      • lilbambi says:

        Yep, as noted on SNF, I plan on staying with Debian Wheezy as long as it’s supported.

        Then, I will have to re-evalute which direction I will go.

        And Slackware is definitely on the radar! LOL!

      • A transition from Debian to Slackware would be a learning experience for you, particularly when it comes to adding software to your Slack installation. You won’t have the awesome apt to work with. However, you will appreciate the simplicity of the Slackware methods of package management and the SlackBuild system.

        As slow as Debian is about transitioning to anything “new,” I doubt you’ll have to worry for a while yet. 😉

      • lilbambi says:

        I absolutely love apt. It is the best package management I have ever dealt with. And I used RPM based ones before that and love that. But it is no where near as good as apt, IMHO.
        I am not looking forward to changing from Debian truth be told. We will see how it all goes.

    • Barnabyh says:

      PCLinuxOS is still systemd-free and is marrying apt4rpm and synaptic with, well, rpm. I liked and used it a lot back in 2007/8 and it is still a nice distribution, the MATE spin appears very good, sort of like my CrunchBang install upgraded to Sid with MATE.
      But yeah, Wheezy will still be good for at least another 2 1/2 years and by then the whole systemd fashion may have blown over. My impression is that it’s a very trendy world in Linuxland.

  4. ianpocks says:

    I think is a crap too. The original idea on unix-like was/is kiss(keep it simple..)Might be I can’t/couldn’t understand because I’m not a technical user , I am only an user basic that I like work with init.I do not like systemd openrc or news craps.please developers, don’t change philosophy of linux!!!!

    • Hello, Ian…

      I’m no Linux guru either, but I think that a change in the philosophy behind GNU/Linux and Open Source is not a good idea. Linux is about choice. Remove that choice from its users and you have Microsoft/Apple. Is that what we want? I don’t think so. Systemd is fine. If you want to use a distro with that setup, great. If not, you should have a choice. That’s all I’m saying.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  5. Kamil Babayev says:

    I fully support you. I think some people just use some people feel. You felt it. Many people also felt this after playing a little with Centos7. Please give us back our reliable Debian.plz …

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