What the FUDD, c|net?

I expect more from c|net than this type of FUDD article.

Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords

Secret demands mark escalation in Internet surveillance by the federal government through gaining access to user passwords, which are typically stored in encrypted form.

Sounds really intriguing, huh? Gets your attention? Maybe even pisses you off a bit? That’s what that headline does for me. Well, headlines do sell, or so they say. Unfortunately, if you actually read the entire article, as I did, you’ll find that there’s not much carne in the stew here, folks. 😦 What there is in that article is a lot of spokesperson would not say, declined to disclose, would not say, did not respond to queries, and my favorite, doesn’t recall. Now, does that sound to you like an article with some verified sources?

The article does have a lot of interesting technical baloney thrown in as padding, but the main gist, of the article based on what the headline says, kinda’ misses the mark. You know, if you’re some cheesy part-time blogger, like this Nocturnal Slacker fellow, you can get away with posting tripe like this. Your readers (all 19 of them) will love you for you who are, regardless. However, if you’re a big Internet site with a reputation to uphold, you shouldn’t be posting shit like this on your site. That’s just how I feel about it.

And if you don’t think this article was posted primarily to just stir shit, read the comments posted by the assorted whack-jobs, Obama-haters, tea-baggers, and other miscellaneous Michelle Bachman/Sarah Palin loving wing nuts.

Don’t be thinking that the ol’ Nocturnal Slacker is naive enough to think that BIG Gov is innocent of all charges here. The fact is that I’m very pissed off about the ever deepening intrusions perpetrated by this big, ugly, multi-limbed surveillance state monster. My point in writing this particular article is that if you’re going to be a real media outlet and not just play at being one online, then post articles with some real meat!

Hey, looky… at least one sane individual posted a salient comment to that article:

phocusplease 7 hours ago

It’s always “The Feds”,  or “The Government”, or The NSA”, but never a name.  Who is the PERSON behind these privacy crushing moves?  We should have names…and we should have a press that wants to know.  Instead we are shown only what ‘they’ want us to see and we have no real investigative reporters anymore.  We need names….

Well, that’s all for now.




Invasion of the Data Snatchers!!!

Above here, you’ll see my new email and forum signature line.

What’s this all about you may very well be asking yourself. It’s about something that I find extremely disturbing; the continued erosion of our personal liberties in exchange for the promise of security and safety. As people from around the globe continue to swear undying enmity towards those who may, per chance, hold differing opinions regarding which bearded wise man sits up there in the clouds and manipulates the fates, governments around the world are taking this opportunity to strip us of all our liberties and freedoms that men have fought and died for over the past eons.

New technologies and methods of surveillance are being used by the governing powers to monitor and document your every word. movement, and action. They haven’t figured out how to monitor your thoughts yet, but give it time. George Orwell would be amazed. He was spot on, but a few years early. The technology had to catch up with his predictions.

Now that most communications, be they Internet or telephonic, are in digital format; it’s ever so much easier for the data to be sifted, copied, stored, etc. You couldn’t do that with analog. You would have had to actually record voice communications with some sort of recording devices; magnetic tape, for example. With digital, all they need to do is save your recent phone conversation with auntie Agatha to a file on a hard drive somewhere. They can peruse it, transcribe it, copy it, even manipulate it easily with the help of any computer. Ain’t tech great?

You better watch what you say to your auntie from now on. While you’re at it, you better be careful where you go (your cellphone is tracking you), who you are seen with (cameras everywhere), what you borrowed from the library (Anarchist’s Cookbook a big NO-NO), and definitely what you purchased from Amazon last night. It’s all out there just waiting to be picked through by whomever might be interested. They don’t have to actually go through your garbage cans late at night anymore. All your garbage is stored on servers all over the world nowadays… your credit records, medical records, consumer records, even what you’re viewing on those fancy new digital TVs via cable.

Moving out to that plywood shack in the woods and typing up your manifesto on that old Underwood typewriter is sounding more and more tempting every day, huh? Besides, it’s so much quieter out there. Watch out for those satellites and drones, though. There’s NO PLACE TO HIDE anymore. They’re watching YOU! It’s OK to be paranoid these days. Your silly delusions about THEM being out to get you might not be so silly after all. You do have a good supply of weird uncle Bob’s tinfoil hats, right?



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