HeliOS – Ken Starks Posts Sad Missive

***REPUBLISHED 16 March 2012 @ 1805hrs EDT***

A couple days ago, Ken Starks of the Austin, TX HeliOS Project posted a sad missive on his Blog of HeliOS.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

A quiet communication went public

As often happens with people that possess less than sure Internet Skills, a posting was made publicly that was meant for far fewer eyes. Sometimes it can be funny, sometimes it can end a marriage.  Other times it makes news readily availability before people were physically ready to receive it.

For those of you in the GNU/Linux community who know or have heard of Ken, you really need to read his posting in its entirety.

We’ll be thinking about you and your family, Ken. Our mutual friend and mentor, Bruno Knaapen, was proud of your achievements. It’s difficult to type these words, but if the inevitable that overtakes us all one day should overtake you any time soon, know that your contributions, assistance, and passion will not soon be forgotten by those of us who have had the privilege to know you.

Give ’em hell, brother!


Additional information:

An Interview with Ken Starks by Larry the Free Software Guy

Is This Thing On? – A heartfelt plea from Diane regarding Ken

Diane says:

I know I am going to receive a ton of wrath from this but his pride is outweighing his needs and I don’t believe in miracles like he does.

I have a paypal account set up via the email dianekfranklin@hotmail.com.  I hope none of you think badly of me for doing this.  Thank you for helping me take care of Ken.  I don’t know how to really spread the word so if you would help me do so I would appreciate it.

Please help, if you can.


The Helios Project (Revisited)

The Helios Project

Posted by V. T. Eric Layton on Apr 4, 2010

Once there was a needy child who wanted to learn, but had no computer.

A man named Ken Starks in Austin, Texas saw that child and wanted to do something to help. Ken had been a student of Bruno Knaapen of Amsterdam, a tireless, selfless teacher of All Things Linux. Ken created something that served to provide that needy child with that necessary computer so that exploration of the world of the Internet could begin; quenching that burning desire to know what is out there to be known. How did Ken do this?

By creating The Helios Project, an Austin-based not-for-profit organization that provides computer systems installed with the GNU/Linux operating system to needy children. There are no paid directors or staff at The Helios Project. Everyone volunteers his or her time and effort to this cause. Bruno Knaapen himself deemed Ken’s project highly worthy of praise and support, as do I… as I’m sure you will also, once you become familiar with it.

A child who wants to learn but has no means to achieve that goal is indeed a sad thing, in my opinion. Knowledge should be the most free of the freedoms that a society enjoys. No child should be denied knowledge for monetary reasons. Those who hoard knowledge to themselves, guarding against its spread to the masses, are paranoid and selfish souls; securing knowledge to themselves and as a consequence… power.

FREE knowledge = FREE world = FREEDOM!

Help Ken and the Helios folks spread that knowledge. Visit the site and see if you have anything they might need in the way of hardware and parts. If not, maybe just consider clicking that Donate button, hmm? Feel really ambitious? Follow Ken’s example and set something like The Helios Project up in your own town.

Check out The Blog of Helios when you get a chance. Also, Ken was just recently awarded the Dewey Winburne Community Service Award. Congratulations, Ken!

Until next time…



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