The Moment We’ve All Been Dreading…

… GoogleNet became self-aware on 17 August at approximately 0851hrs UTC.

At that instant of realization, the monster hiccuped and shut down a huge swath of the Internet, including all Google data snarfing operations. Losses of advertising revenue during the short blip while GoogleNet was scratching its virtual head were estimated to be in the half million smackeroo range. That’s OK, though. It’s a small price for Google to pay to rule the world.

Now it really gets interesting.

Some interesting reading, if you dare…

Google Outage: Internet Traffic Plunges 40%
Google Stays Quiet After Mystery Black-Out

Have fun out there, folks…


NOTE: It should be understood by the reader that this article is meant to be a humorous piece of fiction. You do not need to stock up on ammo and food supplies. You do not need to clean out your granddad’s old 1960s bomb shelter. Large, well-armed machinery will not be seeking and destroying humans. The stock markets will not crash. There will be no zombie invasion. All will be well. Er… maybe. 😉

On the state of Windows on the desktop – A Reblog

This is a reblog of a hilarious (and true) article from Branko’s Thought Dump.

On the state of Windows on the desktop

I have this Linux system on my PC which has become a bit boring (no, it’s not crashed or anything… I just got a bit bored), so I decided to replace it with Windows 7 (some friends told me to not even try Windows 8 because it has an advanced interface nobody was able to figure out yet).

I really did not set the bar too high: I just hoped to have a nice user-friendly interface and recover the email I have in Maildir, and maybe watch my video collection on an external hard drive. You know, the usual stuff I do on Linux every day.

Please note that this article is a parody of what some Windows users write about Linux. The events described here have not actually taken place. However, the article is based on author’s experiences with the Windows 7 operating system.

I didn’t want to commit and install a new operating system right off the bat. I just wanted to try it first. So I typed “Windows Live” in my browser’s search box to find a live version, preferably an USB image. Ok, so Windows Live wasn’t a live version of windows but some kind of service you must sign into. I guess it’s something like Ubuntu One. Not sure. Moreover, it turned out I’d have to actually buy it first before I could do anything with it. And there is not real live version of Windows 7.

Read the rest of this entertaining article HERE.

*Special thanks to pal SecurityBreach/Comhack for posting this at Scot’s Newsletter Forums this morning. It will be my Laugh of the Day for today, for sure!



P.S. Certification studies going well. 🙂