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xfce4-weather-plugin Fix for Slackware

Some of you Slackers out there who use this panel applet may have noticed that it’s no longer updating.

There’s a reason why: Xfce Bugzilla – Bug 8105.

I’d been sloughing this off for a few weeks now. Today, I decided I was going to find a way to fix the damned thing… or dump it from my panel. I had noticed last night that it was still working fine in my Arch installation. Hmm… seems that the Arch folks patched their package with a working license key and partner ID to alleviate the bug issue reported above.

I snooped around a bit and found that good ol’ Robby Workman had already posted a patch for the SlackBuild. Excellent! I downloaded a fresh SlackBuild and source for the app and went to work.

The first thing you want to do is extract the /xfce4-weather-plugin-0.7.4/panel-plugin/weather.h file from the source tarball. Modify this file as per the patch linked above by exchanging the old license key/partner ID for the newer ones:


#define PARTNER_ID       “1121946239”
#define LICENSE_KEY      “3c4cd39ee5dec84f”


#define PARTNER_ID       “1003666583”
#define LICENSE_KEY      “4128909340a9b2fc”

Once that’s done, save the file and add it back to the tarball.

Now you can build and install your SlackBuild as you normally would. After which, your xfce4-weather-plugin will work again. YAY! Thanks, Robby! 🙂

NOTE: I found no need to modify the SlackBuild file as Robby does for his patch. It worked fine without any changes.

Enjoy your weather, wherever you may be.