Stop Online Piracy Act (U.S.) – SOPA

This is something every one who uses the Internet and values free exchange of knowledge and information should know about.

Get involved. Write your elected officials. Pass out flyers. Post articles on your own blogs. Censorship of the Internet could spell doom for the way of life that we’ve come to know and cherish.

Read about this at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Read about it at Tumblr.

Read about it at AmericanCensorship.Org.

Don’t let them turn the lights out on us. Don’t let them restrict how we participate online. Don’t let them limit your rights to the free exchange information and knowledge in ANY way.

Raise HELL!



3 Comments on “Stop Online Piracy Act (U.S.) – SOPA”

  1. comhack says:

    Thanks for the head’s up. There have already been over 463,940 people that have signed the petition to stop the Internet Blacklist bill:

    Half a million signatures should normally be enough but the corporations are the ones pushing for this bill to go through and they have all the money.

    • Of course, there are commercial interests behind this. But don’t worry, Big Bro is more than happy to have more power to restrict the Internet, so they’re not complaining about trampling on any kind of 1st Amendment rights.

      I read something interesting online today… the Supreme Court has ruled that the Gov cannot force cigarette manufacturers to place those nasty sick lung images on cigarette packages. It’s a violation of the 1st Amendment. Yet, people cannot peacefully assemble in public and express discontent about things they feel are wrong. Isn’t that a bitch? Cigarette packs have stronger 1st Amendment rights than people do. This whole country is rapidly sliding down the sewer line to that big cesspool at the end of the line.


  2. comhack says:

    Agreed Eric!! I always thought of the Cigarette warning as a disclaimer so someone could not sue them.

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