Adobe/Google Backroom Boogie

Well, I don’t know who is bending over for whom, but there seems to be some strange bedfellow action going on here.

Gregg Keizer @ ComputerWorld writes:

Adobe today said that it would stop offering direct downloads of Flash Player for Linux, telling users to move to Google’s Chrome browser, which bundles Flash with its updates.

*Emphasis mine.

OK, well then… let me state my case plainly for Adobe: KISS MY ASS! You’ll NOT be dictating to me what/how I use my own equipment in my own home. I don’t think I’ll follow your orders to use Google Chrome. I happen to like Firefox, Opera, and Seamonkey. What’s that you say? No more Flash for me. Unless you figure out a way to disable my current Flash plugin, my Flash will be just fine.

Besides, there are open source alternatives out there. Ain’t it great?!

So, pardon me Adobe for being blunt here, but PISS OFF! And take your not-doing-any-evil-as-long-as-greed-doesn’t-count pal Google along with you.

There. I feel better now.



Further reading: Adobe to Linux users: Get Chrome or forget Flash from ComputerWorld

4 Comments on “Adobe/Google Backroom Boogie”

  1. That is totally asinine! Not everyone wants to use Google Chrome. Adobe, get real.

  2. someslack says:

    Somebody made a good buck ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, it was about time Adobe made a dick move again. It felt strange having the latest 64bit flash for Linux available. Thank you Adobe.

  3. Benjamin Otte says:

    Hahaha, the shit-talk about open source alternatives from people that never used them.

    Otherwise you’d know that Swfdec has been dead for 3 years, Gnash is almost dead for the same time and Lightspark is still not good enough to play Youtube reliably.

    But sure, Adobe will be scared shitless by those players and your finger.

    • Hmm… while it is true that I am using the Adobe plugin in my Slackware installation, I’m using open source versions in my other distributions on my systems. Just because a project is inactive doesn’t mean the application will not work. Package swfdec-gnome, for example, is still being used by Debian stable. Of course, you know all about that –> ๐Ÿ™‚

      Me trying to scare Adobe? Nah… I couldn’t care less about Adobe. Even if everyone in the world stopped using their Flash plugin tomorrow, it wouldn’t bother them one wit. Flash is a very miniscule part of their business. My angst comes strictly from their Napoleon-esque proclamation for the little people.

      Anyway, Mr. Otte… thank you for reading/commenting.



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