The Future Is Here… 3D Printing

Earlier today, I received an email newsletter with a link to an interesting article related to three dimensional printing.

I had only heard snippets about this new technology. It sounded almost like Sci-Fi/Fantasy at first. I had to read a bit more about it to understand just what the technology is and how it works. THIS site has a nice little introduction to the technology and its possibly evolution in the near future. There’s even an interesting little video you can watch:

What the future holds for this amazing new technology is unknown, of course, but you can let your imagination run wild. As with most technologies, I’m sure there will be good and bad aspects to how it is utilized.

There you have it. Read more about this amazing technology when you get the chance. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more about it in your regular news soon.




4 Comments on “The Future Is Here… 3D Printing”

  1. comhack says:

    Very cool!!! Now if I could just afford to buy one, I could start building me a 50 cal assault weapon and some fun toys……

  2. 3D Printing is so cool! Cory Doctorow really opened my eyes to the potential (good, bad and indifferent with 3D printing (and many other things) in his book Makers! Well worth a read! But be forewarned, it’s a long book.

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