Slax 7.0? It’s About Time!

Many of us have patiently waited for this:

New Design for, Preparing Final Release

at 17:40 Posted by Barnaby |

Just in time for the expected final release of Slax 7.0 on Monday after all this time the web site has had a makeover as well to serve as a visual reminder that a new age for Slax has truly arrived.

Read the article at Linux, BSD, and everything else…

Hmm… KDE, huh? Well, I’ll deal with that if necessary. 😉

Happy Slaxxing! 🙂



2 Comments on “Slax 7.0? It’s About Time!”

  1. kabamaru says:

    Your beloved Plasma Desktop 😉 Didn’t know you could fit a KDE distro into 210MB… Nice to see SLAX is back.

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