The Great 2013 Certification Hunt – a Brief Update

Some of you may remember that I was distracted from my normal routine here by a brief interlude involving some Cisco training back in January of this year.

Well, I managed to pass the course and acquire my CCENT (ICND1) certification. I’ve been on a self-study program for the past couple months with the ultimate goal of passing my ICND2 (CCNA) cert. Unfortunately, the best laid plans and all that…

A glorious spring here in Florida distracted me from my studies during the month of March, so I postponed my examination till the end of May. Sadly, other things have distracted me from my studies since then, so I’m forced to postpone again.

I will endeavor to persevere, as the old Indian said to the outlaw Josey Wales. I just wanted stop in here a minute and write something so that WordPress would not think that I ran off with some sexy native chick to an island in the South Pacific somewhere.

If that does actually happen, I’ll post about it. 😉

Until then…


Image credits: Island girl borrowed without permission from Island-Girl-Boutique. Hopefully, they won’t mind too much since I’m giving them credit and free advertising here on my blog that receives 2 bazillion hits a day. 😉


3 Comments on “The Great 2013 Certification Hunt – a Brief Update”

  1. Barnabyh says:

    Good luck finding that sexy chick to blow your…mind. Ah, and with the exams as well. We learn better when the pressure is relieved. 😉

    • Well, I’m probably going to have to hit a lottery jackpot before I can begin concerning myself with sexy island women. Of course, that same lottery win would also relieve most of my financial stress. That in itself would be a plus. If it’s a big enough jackpot, I’d just say to hell with studying and certifications and start working on my tan and dye my hair blonde. 😉

      I even have a pic of me as a blonde…

  2. ggarron says:

    If you happen to find a chick like that, please be nice and ask if she had a sister 🙂

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